Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What are we going to do when the RH bill is passed and then the government corrupts the funds and nothing’s changed?

It just suddenly hits me. I have been all pro-RH ever since reading everything about the bill and everything that is stated in it.

I have been reasoning and thinking critically to defend it against the people who opposes it. Though, I still find the Catholic Church’s say on this matter just way too silly.

Anyway, I was suddenly struck by reality.

What happens when the RH bill (Reproductive Health bill) becomes a law?

Thinking back to the previous laws in the past that the government implemented, such as no smoking in public areas, no giving of alms and no begging in the streets especially by young street children, no this and no that.

But just the other day, I saw this kid begging in the streets of Metro Manila.

And just a few steps across the road is a policeman standing next to his police motorbike. I don’t know if he’s blind or just plain retarded, but according to the law, he should fine the ones who give alms to them and bring that child to custody. I don’t know, perhaps to be put on DSWD.

Well, that’s their job.

Now back to the RH issue, tracking back the past, I can already foresee what’s going to happen. The RH bill has a good cause. I’m all go for it.

But if it means that the corrupt will once again, use something good as a medium for their crimes, then I think this is just another doorway to a goldmine that will only benefit THEM.

I have been reading aswell a lot of really interesting comments about the bill. Some of them actually makes sense.

We already have sex education.

We already have women rights.

Contraceptives are legal and available at your nearest Watsons store.

We already have health care services.

But you know what the problem is?

The lack of implementation and action. People are just irresponsible.

How the heck do we deal with that??

It’s stated in the bill that RH is for the poor. To help them, etc.

How do we specify “poor”? Head to the nearest center and say “Excuse me, I’m poor.”? Should I wear a tag that says or categorizes me as poor?

Oh, and also, another problem is when the government funds this program and it reaches down to every single barangay in the country, what most of those local officials do is pocket that money and voila! WALA na rin ang project.

Before we can actually deal with something and really make a step,

Let’s make sure first that our officials are really concerned about their citizens. And it’ll take more than just concerns, for what we need is action.

Can we make sure they take these necessary actions?

Sure, pass the RH bill. Make it a law. But after that’s been done and we don’t feel the effects of that law being enforced, we have again failed to take that step and sadly, nothing has changed.

Another waste of taxpayer’s money, another medium of corruption under the guise of good cause, and just another issue that will send people rallying to Malacañang.

RH bill isn’t the problem. It’s not bad at all, in fact. But let me share you these words I found on a random argument about capitalism and corruption. And I quote:

“All government’s are essentially flawed. Communism, Fascism, Democracy, Feudalism etc. are all placed over a system already in place over everything. This is the monetary system. The monetary system ensures that no government can exist that is not corrupt.”

-Robcayman (http://robcayman.tumblr.com/)

And that statement is followed by:

“We may be stuck right now in a world that requires us to follow the rules so we can pass it all on to our kids, who will do the same, etcetera etcetera etcetera…. but it doesn’t have to be that way forever.”

end quote.

So anyway, what I’m simply pointing out is that before we let these politicians run us over with “laws” that never even takes effect, let’s see first if the previous laws they passed made any effect felt on anyone.

I am pro-RH.

But I won’t let these corrupt officials in position and in power to just fucking screw us around.

And one more thing,

CBCP, please just butt out of this one.

Your arguments are just as humiliating as your logic that wasting someone’s cum is mass murder.



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